Next pandemic


The map depicts where the Omicron variant has been found throughout the world. The world is bracing for this new variant’s impact.

Kianna Verdugo, Staff Reporter

With coronavirus splitting into variants, will the pandemic ever end?

Months after the discovery of the Delta variant, the WHO named Omicron a VOC (Variant of Concern) on November 26, 2021.

The first confirmed case of the Omicron variant, in the United States, was confirmed on December 1, 2o21.

This new variant has a higher rate of infection and can cause serious illness in those who are unvaccinated.

Symptoms of the Omicron variant consist of fever, fatigue, body aches, headaches, and persistent cough, or someone can be asymptomatic.

Physics teacher, Mr. Sanchez, said, “it spreads extremely quickly, but it is not as lethal as previous versions because the vaccinations are helping.

Teachers and students are recommended to be vaccinated here at Loretto.”

Those who are vaccinated and have contracted the coronavirus or its variants have not suffered the severe symptoms as the unvaccinated.

Instead of being hospitalized, they have a quicker recovery and symptoms are similar to those of a cold or the flu.

Senior, Jimena Vega, said, “I am afraid of the new variant as coronavirus has affected me and my family.

I do not want to go online for my senior year.”

At Loretto Academy, we continue to wear masks and take our temperatures to ensure a safe environment.

Those who are unvaccinated are required to be tested every two weeks.

OU Advisor Deyna Aragon said, “I think the pandemic might not end.

There are scientists trained at the CDC and World Health Organization that we should listen to when it comes to vaccines or safety precautions.

People need to focus on the facts and make educated decisions for not just their own safety, but for others.”

As the pandemic stretches into two years, masks are no longer mandatory in public areas and people are going back to their regular routine.

As for the future, it is too early to determine how the coronavirus will progress, the most people can do is get vaccinated and follow CDC guidelines.