Fight for more than a medal

Isabel Garza, Class Sections Editor

Tehran, Iran— An ongoing series of protests have taken place in response to the death of Mahsa Amini, a victim of the morality police’s reaction to her hijab “rule violation.”

Since September 16, 2022, the day Amini fell into a coma after what was

said by authorities to be a stroke, there has been a demonstration of the people’s horror.

So far Amini has not been the only victim; a total of 201 deaths have now been confirmed by a rights group that has been monitoring the protests.

Unverified videos shared on social media show gatherings in the neighboring cities of Tehran.

But for the people, it is hard to create consciousness through the media.

Given that media coverage is censored, because of the power, it can hold.

In an article titled “Protest, Media and Censorship in Iran”, written by the CSIS, (Center For Strategic and International Studies), the interviewee Mahsa Alimardani, an Iranian internet researcher said, 

What we’re seeing unfold, as we speak, is that over four weeks of protests have been going on in Iran.

And the documentation and the news we’ve been getting from these protests has been solely dependent on digital evidence that we see through footage posted on social media.”

This means the mobilization for justice for the victims is supported only by the people, but a fight against the authorities.

A prominent story among the demonstrations of defiance is that of the Iranian rock climber, Elnaz Rekabi.

She was competing in South Korea and took her head covering off.

She claimed the incident to be unintentional.

However, upon her arrival at the airport back in Western Asia, hundreds of women, some also without their heads covered, received her with cheering.

Her statement on social media and her claim in it is inconsistent with the footage of the competition.

Protesters and activists believe the authorities coerced her into releasing those confessions.

Giving way to the possibility that her actions were part of the protests millions have been taking part in. 

As citizens struggle for change in what is now called an anti-government movement, demanding better treatment, the consciousness of their situation is important.

Loretto’s chemistry teacher and soccer coach, Mr. Oscar Nieto said, 

It’s very brave of her  to protest while competing, it’s admirable but sad that it’s necessary for today’s day and age.”