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2019-2020 Staff

2019-2020 Prax Staff


Left to right: Daniela Martell, Cristina Robles, Adrienne Deslongchamps, Mrs. Lockhart-Walker, Julia Esparza, Sophia Navarro, Victoria DuBois, Julieta Alarcon, Iliana Moreno, Sybonae Acosta, Melina Olivas  

Mrs. Lockhart-Walker


I am starting my 27th year at Loretto Academy and teach AP English Language and Composition, junior English, in addition to journalism. I especially enjoy teaching journalism because I find it so rewarding when The Prax reporter...

Sophia Navarro


Hello my name is Sophia Navarro and I am currently a senior at Loretto Academy.  I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Prax Newspaper this year along with my partner Adrienne Deslongchamps.  I am very happy to be a part of...

Adrienne Deslongchamps


My name is Adrienne Deslongchamps, and I am a senior at Loretto Academy.  I am a co-editor-in-chief of The Prax alongside Sophia Navarro. Although this is my first year writing for The Prax, I have been pestering the coun...

Iliana Moreno

Loretto News Co-Editor

Hi readers! My name is Iliana Moreno and this year I’m an editor for the Loretto News section. Originally from California, I’ve grown up to love El Paso and the people in it. Along with loving to report on events a...

Melina Olivas

Loretto News Co-Editor

Hello! My name is Melina Olivas. I’m a senior at Loretto Academy High School. I am the Co-Loretto-News editor for The Prax alongside Iliana Moreno.  This is my first year writing for our school newspaper. I am so excited t...

Sybonae Acosta

Class Sections Editor

My name is Sybonae Acosta and I am currently a junior at Loretto Academy. I am the Class Section editor and this is my first year of being a member of The Prax. I moved to El Paso freshmen year and have loved it ever since. ...

Daniela Martell

Sports Editor

I am Daniela Martell, a junior in Loretto Academy. I am the Sports Editor for The Prax and part of the Loretto Varsity Tennis team. I believe that to form a well-rounded opinion on a subject, one has to be aware of events th...

Julia Esparza

Entertainment Editor

Hi! My name is Julia Esparza, I am a senior at Loretto, and I’ve been a student here since freshman year. My hobbies are reading, hiking/rock climbing, and archery. This is my first year writing for The Prax and I am ho...

Cristina Robles

Entertainment & Class Sections Reporter

Hi! My name is Cristina Robles and I am a junior at Loretto Academy.  I am very excited to be a reporter for The Prax.  As a reporter for entertainment and class sections I am excited to go to city events and get more in...

Victoria DuBois

Sports Reporter

My name is Victoria DuBois, also known as Vicky, and I am a senior at Loretto Academy.  This is my first time writing for The Prax and I am a sports reporter. I hope this year will help me improve my writing and journa...

Julieta Alarcon

Loretto News & Entertainment Reporter

My name is Julieta Alarcon and I am a senior at Loretto Academy graduating this 2020.  I am a Loretto News and Entertainment reporter for The Prax.  Joining journalism class has helped me improve my oral and writing skills, as well as increa...

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