Ring Rose 2023


Senior Carolina Fernandez (pictured left) and Junior Maria Fuentes (pictured right) are paired together to participate in Ring Rose. Each pair celebrated afterwards and took photos in front of the gym. Photo courtesy of Maria Fuentes

Ava Bonilla, Loretto News Editor

On April 14, 2023, Loretto Academy’s juniors and seniors celebrated an annual Loretto tradition called Ring Rose.
This tradition symbolizes the bond of sisterhood that is shared between grade levels as the seniors are about to graduate.
In this ceremony, each junior is paired with a senior.
The senior gives the junior their class ring, and the junior gives the senior a yellow rose.
The juniors are known as “little sisters,” and the seniors are “big sisters.”
The girls walk across the stage together as their names are called and pose for a picture under the iconic arch covered in flowers.
Senior Denise de Leon said, “The most memorable part of Ring Rose was being able to experience the transition from a little sister to a big sister.
When I was a junior, my big sister was one of my best friends, and being able to create that bond now as a senior with a junior was a very memorable experience.”
The class president and vice president from each classification gave a short speech that brought laughter and tears to many in the audience.
Sophia Merjil (president) and Christiane Tapia (vice president) represented the juniors, while Mia White (president) and Yareli Yu (vice president) represented the seniors.
Alumnae who attended the ceremony felt sentimental because they had gone through the same process, and many still wear their class rings.
Junior Dariela Abbud said, “I love being able to participate in Loretto traditions like these because I feel closer and more comfortable with all my classmates.
It’s a great experience being able to have girls that I can go to school with and rely on every day like a sister.”
Ring Rose brought smiles to everyone’s faces, and there was beauty everywhere, from the vibrant dresses and flowers.
After the ceremony, the juniors and seniors attended a party in Juarez to celebrate together for one of the last times before graduation.