Angels’ hearts on basketball court


Loretto juniors Bella Herrera and Brianna Farish play against Austin High School. The team has attended four tournaments. Photo courtesy of Prep 1/Veronica Reynolds Garcia

Ava Bonilla, Loretto News Editor

Loretto’s eventful basketball season came to an end on Feb. 7, 2023, with Senior Night to honor the seniors graduating and leaving the team.

The Angels played against Riverside High School and unfortunately fell short by losing 57-17.

The season, consisting of 17 games and four tournaments, began on Nov. 4, 2022.

Sophomore Lauren Domengeaux said, “The season for me was a really good one; Coming from a different school, I feel that a really great way to learn about the environment that you are going to be in is through sports.
I was able to meet a lot of amazing girls and learn new things about myself while spending time with them.”

In Memory of RJ

On Jan. 12, 2023, the Loretto basketball team played against Gadsden High School and dedicated their hard work to Angela Glover’s son, RJ.

Glover said, “It touched my heart so much that I’ve never realized how much RJ and I meant to the Loretto community, to carry it on even three years after he passed.

It was a beautiful tribute, and I even got a text and a picture from a graduate from three years ago, in my son’s Dallas jersey to add to it all.”

The basketball team wore Dallas Cowboys shirts since it was RJ’s favorite sports team.

This tribute commemorated the smiles and joy that he brought to the entire Loretto community.

Battle of the Sexes

The Loretto basketball team finished their season with an unscheduled game on Feb. 2, 2023.
During this game, they played against Cathedral High School in a tradition known as the Battle of the Sexes.

Loretto students were asked to wear white to the game, and Cathedral students wore black to support their respective teams.

Cathedral took home a win with a score of 50-26.

Senior and varsity team member, Sophia Arellano, said, “Cathedral played physical and was using their size to their advantage, whereas, with Loretto, we played more strategically and as a team.”

The head coach of Loretto’s varsity basketball team, Coach Manny, stepped in to play for his team to have an advantage over the boys.

Arellano said, “I think this was the perfect way to end the season because we all had so much fun, and we weren’t so focused on winning.

We also felt so much support from our friends and schoolmates, which was so nice.”

Congratulations from The Prax staff to the Loretto basketball team for their hard work this season!