Loretto’s Senior Retreat: tradition of sisterhood lives on


Loretto Academy’s 100th graduating class plans to attend their senior retreat in February 2023. The girls will bond and spend time as a class before parting ways for college. Photo courtesy of Raquel Landin

Ava Bonilla, Loretto News Editor

One of Loretto Academy’s many traditions for seniors is known as the Senior Retreat.

The girls will go on an overnight trip to the Holy Cross Retreat Center in Mesilla Park, NM, from Feb. 22-24.

During the retreat, they will participate in group activities, which as of right now, are secret, and enjoy spending time with one another.

One of the most important things about Loretto Academy is that the motto of sisterhood is extremely important.

 In order to honor that, the retreat will create an everlasting bond between the class. 

Senior Denise de Leon said, “I feel like we have our own friend groups, but when it comes to working together, like during Field Day, we’re all close, and we work well.”

The activities that the seniors will participate in are not announced prior to the retreat so that everybody stays engaged.

Senior Carolina Fernandez said, “I’m very excited to bond with girls I haven’t bonded with before throughout these four years as well as make my friendships stronger with my best friends.”

Student Activities Director Helen Martinez smiled as she recounted past retreats that she had attended.

Martinez said, “Watching the girls at the end of the retreat gather together is my favorite part because what happens is when we first start off, every girl is in their own friend group, and by the end, you see everyone come together.

I also love seeing when they have a moment of realization that it’s their last time coming together privately.”

The girls are all preparing for the retreat by creating lists of what to pack and deciding who their roommates will be.

Stay tuned after the retreat to hear from the seniors on how it went.