Loretto’s angelic voices

Zuleika Botello, Staff Reporter

Loretto Academy senior Faith Tolentino and sophomore Angela Johny are preparing for a wonderful opportunity for choir.

Johny will be going to the state final for the Texas Music Educators Association.

Loretto sophomore Angela Johny

She has come a long way by preparing for this opportunity for six months.

Johny said, “I am scared and excited, but it’s a big opportunity for learning.”

Tolentino will be auditioning for the final state round.

Loretto senior Faith Tolentino

She will be a first-chair alternate who will compete if another participant does not attend.

Tolentino said, “I’m looking forward to experiencing the things that are happening without having to stress about competing”

Johny and Tolentino will be going to Midland, Texas, on Jan. 7.