A tradition of sisterhood


Loretto Academy’s seniors and freshmen spend the day at Biggs Park during the Big Sister & Little Sister Picnic. This has been an ongoing tradition at Loretto for years. Photo courtesy of Eloisa Urrea

Ava Bonilla, Loretto News Editor

Starting on September 29, Loretto’s big sisters and little sisters participated in an annual tradition, known as Hey Week. 

Each senior chose a freshman to call their “little sister” for the school year to help them adapt to high school and the Loretto environment. 

During Hey Week, the seniors gifted their little sisters with personalized hats, they wore matching outfits for one day, and the biggest event out of the week was called the “Big Sister & Little Sister Picnic.”

Freshman Madison Pirk said, “I felt more connected to my big sister and my class, too, by the end of the week because everyone had fun together and I got to spend time with them.” 

The picnic consisted of activities such as a water balloon toss, a watermelon eating contest, and a tug of war over a pool of water.

Senior Mariajose Rodriguez said, “My favorite activity was definitely the watermelon eating contest and the dance party at the end.

I loved being able to get to know my little sister and help her adjust to the ‘Loretto way of life.’” 

The ultimate purpose of Hey Week and the picnic are to make the freshmen feel welcomed to the sisterhood that Loretto prides itself on.

Pirk said, “The things I admired most about my big sister were how thoughtful, grateful, and welcoming she was to me and now coming to school feels like I have a bunch of other sisters.” 

Freshman Rebecca Ramirez said, “This tradition made me feel safer at school because I saw that it is a fun environment and everyone is very close.”

Hey Week included all grade levels on some days; the Junior class brought ice cream to enjoy with the freshmen and the sophomores made the freshmen survival kits. 

Sophomore Cassandra Montes said, “It was nice to be included because it made me happy knowing that I was helping someone when I was once in their position as a freshman.” 

Hey Week is a tradition at Loretto that has continued to live on for more than 30 years; it bonds girls between classifications and surrounds them with a sense of community. 

Senior Carolina Fernandez said, “The freshmen feel included and loved after such a hard transition from middle school.

I loved bonding with my little during the picnic and seeing her confidence grow in Loretto.”

After Hey Week, it was evident that the freshmen felt more comfortable walking down the halls and picking up conversations with girls from all grade levels.

Ramirez said, “I love break time because I always sit on the couch with some seniors and my friends, and we all have a close bond because of Hey Week.”

Sisterhood is one of the main components that come with attending Loretto Academy because of traditions like these that bond girls from different grade levels. 

Hey Week was successful in creating a bond between all grade levels and it is a tradition that has been and will continue to live on for many years to come.