Final goodbye


Julieta Alarcon, Entertainment Editor

I would have never imagined myself writing for a high school newspaper, but somehow it has become one of my favorite classes ever.

I honestly thought I did not belong to the class, but as soon as I entered the classroom and saw Mrs. Lockhart and the girls, I knew I was entering a beautiful family.

I explored new abilities and pushed myself to beyond the limits.

Being part of The Prax is an unforgettable experience; I can’t wait to tell my friends in college that I wrote for the best school’s newspaper.

The things that I learned will stick with me throughout my whole life.

Thank you, Mrs. Lockhart, for being the most wonderful teacher, and thank you for always believing in me.

Also, thank you for making me interested in current events, although those quizzes made me so nervous. 

I have shared moments of stress and happiness with my co-members of The Prax, and I thank them all for helping me succeed and improve.

Although I spent these last months at home wishing to see The Prax people one more time, I am sure we will see each other soon. 

I am excited to see what comes next for me, but I will always remember the memories of The Prax