Athlete of the month: Natalia Gallardo


Gallardo in her element. Eyes set on the ball, body positioned, defending the ball at all times. Photo courtesy of Natalia Gallardo.

Daniela Martell, Sports Editor

Meet Natalia Gallardo, a junior at Loretto Academy.

Soccer, to say the least, has been part of her life for a long time.

She’s been playing the sport for 10 years and still loves it.

Gallardo said, “There are many things that I love about soccer, but the satisfaction of being able to prevent a goal or score a goal is unmatched.”

Loretto’s soccer coach, Mackenzie McLaughlin, said, “Natalia is very well-rounded, a leader on the field, works hard, and does whatever it takes.

“She is tough on the field and has played hurt.”

As a defense and offense player, Gallardo said, “I love the freedom I have playing in the Loretto team compared to other teams.”

She has scored the most goals of the season.

As captain of the Loretto soccer team, Gallardo said, “I’m grateful to be a team captain because that means my coaches trust me, and I enjoy encouraging my teammates and being someone they can count on in the field.”

Congratulations on being named the athlete of the month, Gallardo!