Flash from the past

Jimena Hallal, Entertainment

On April 4th until the 6th the Angels in the Wings theater company, the Loretto theater club, preformed Back to the 80’s the musical.

The cast members included Loretto girls and boys from all over the El Paso area.

The musical began at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday it began at 2:00 p.pm. And it lasted around two hours and thirty minutes.

The musical is the recount of Corey Palmer’s, a student at William Ocean High School, of his senior year and how his life was changed by that school year.

Corey Palmer, portrayed by Bryan Bennett, is in love with his next door neighbor Tiffany Houston, portrayed by, freshman Danielle Leydon but she was in love with Michael Feldman.  

Feldman stole the student body president from Corey Palmer and it seemed that the only other thing Palmer wanted was Tiffanys’ love.

Later a new girl named Eileen, played by senior Jessica Garcia, joined the class and Feldman along with his group of friends decided to bully her by making her believe Michael was in love with her when in reality he was dating Tiffany.

While that plot was playing out, there was also the plot of Mr. Cocker and Ms. Brannigan’s, played by senior Isabella Noe, secret relationship that played out during some of the main scenes.

In the end Feargal Mcferrin III, a nerd at the high school, and Eileen end up getting married and Palmer gets together with Tiffany, and they leave Michael Feldman with his loneliness.  

The musical had many innuendos from the past with references to Ferris Bueller’s day off and Star Wars movies.

It had many great songs such as: “Video Killed the Radio Star,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and  “Love Shack,”.

The musical had a few glitches where the mics would go off and there would be no way to listen to the actors/actresses.

Over all the performances and music were great and the energy as well, the musical is an 8.5 out of 10.