Say what?

What AP Exams are you taking and how are you preparing?

Mia Montelongo, Staff Reporter

Freshman: Angela An

Angela An

“I plan on studying with Khan Academy and taking several practice tests for my AP Biology exam.”


Sophomore: Ciana Chavez

Ciana Chavez

“I am taking AP World History. I have been reviewing a chapter every day, and this weekend I plan on taking several practice tests and reviewing all the chapters again.”


Junior: Mia Bolivar

Mia Bolivar

“I have been watching Heimler’s History videos and taking in-depth notes to prepare for my AP U.S. History Exam.”


Senior: Mariana Clapp

Mariana Clapp

“I’ve been learning all year in my classes, and therefore I don’t want to cram it all in last minute. I have taken a practice test with Ms. Franco, which also helped me for the AP English Literature.”