National Arts Honor Society welcomes newest members


Loretto students attend the National Arts Honor Society induction. From left to right: Maria Jose Garcia, Barbara Urias, Mara Escobar, Mr. Benero, Monica Annabi, and Sophia Merjil. Photo courtesy of Barbara Urias

Mia Montelongo, Staff Reporter

On April 21, 2023, the National Arts Honor Society (NAHS) inducted its newest members into its prestigious organization.

NAHS is an honor society whose members are artistically inclined, and all share a love for the arts!

Loretto art teacher and NAHS head sponsor, Mr. Benero, said, “ I am so proud of my brand new inductions.

They all go above and beyond and have participated in all of our NAHS events.

They are hungry, hungry for art.”

The ceremony included an art gallery where art pieces were displayed for parents, teachers, and fellow classmates to view.

Once the ceremony started, the inductees were given a certificate and a decorative clay pin made by Loretto senior Elisa Camacho.

The ceremony concluded with Mr. Silva and Mr. Benero passing out the NAHS cords to all of the upcoming graduating seniors.

A newly inducted member, Loretto junior Mara Escobar, said, “ I am excited to do something creative for my school.

Everything else I am a part of is strictly academic, and I am excited to do something more hands-on.”

The ceremony was a success and a great way for Loretto to appreciate and honor all of their talented artists!