Farewell to The Prax


Mia Montelongo, Staff Reporter

Goodbye to the 2022-2023 school year of the Loretto Prax!

Thank you for teaching me so many valuable writing lessons and skills I will continue to use throughout all my years of education.

Thank you, Mrs. Lockhart, for accepting me into the class and creating such a loving environment for me and the rest of the girls.

To all the seniors who are leaving me this year, thank you for showing me such kindness and always making me so included.

All the members of The Prax guided me so well this year and have helped me pursue my love for writing.

This class has helped me stay more in touch with the world around me because of the daily open news discussions.

I will miss walking into the class every day surrounded by talented writers, but I know all of my classmates will go on to do amazing things.

I look forward to writing for The Prax next year and to all the amazing news I am so eager to seek.

Until next year!