Celebrating Loretto’s centennial year

Celebrating Loretto’s centennial year

Katerina Liano, Staff Reporter

For this spring semester and Loretto’s 100th year, the Angels in the Wings Theater Company has decided to put on the musical, The Sound of Music.

The film was originally released in 1965 and was based on the memoir The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.

The memoir was written by Maria Augusta von Trapp in 1949 as a way for her to promote the singing group of the family.

The film has won many awards, from numerous Academy Awards to a couple of Golden Globes as well.

The musical will be performed on March 30, 31, & April 1st, and auditions were held on January 19 & 20th.

Loretto junior Abigail Silvas has been cast as Maria von Trapp, the former postulate-turned-governess for the von Trapp family and main character of the musical.

High schoolers, middle schoolers, and even elementary school students will perform in the musical.

Loretto senior Kelsey Hermida who has been cast as Frau Schmidt said, “The reason I did it was for fun, and I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone for my last year.

 I do feel nervous because this is my first time performing in front of people and it’s hard to balance school, sports, and home life.”

The seven von Trapp children have been cast, with middle schoolers and elementary school students filling the roles.

Captain von Trapp has not been cast yet and the Drama Club is asking for five more characters to be cast.

There is a sense of excitement surrounding this production since it will be the most ambitious production that Angels in the Wings will be putting on.

Loretto senior and Angels in the Wings president Elena Alonso said, “We’re barely starting out but  I think the actors are excited, especially the middle schoolers. 

There’s a huge amount of pressure because it’s a huge production and we do have fears about not being able to pull it off.”

In honor of Loretto’s centennial year, many special guests have been asked to attend, a large number of them being Loretto alumni.

All eyes will be trained on stage as the Drama Club prepares to present this musical as a way to honor and celebrate Loretto’s centennial life.