Say What?

What was your favorite Loretto memory from 2022?

Mia Montelongo, Staff Reporter

Freshman: Doryan Nassri 

Doryan Nassri

“My favorite memory of Loretto in 2022 was for sure the 8th-grade Lock-In!” 


Sophomore: Yvette Gomez

Yvette Gomez

“My favorite memory of 2022 has to be volleyball Senior Night! This experience was the best game of the season. We played head-to-head against Emmanuel Baptist High School,  and it was very competitive yet so much fun!”


Junior: Alexandra Moncada 

Alexandra Moncada

“My favorite 2022 memory at Loretto is Field Day when our whole junior class was united to push to beat the underclassmen, and we won second place and were happy as our hard work paid off.”


Senior Regina Leyva 

Regina Leyva

“My favorite memory is Senior Night for sure, it was incredible playing with all my best friends one last time, and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.”