Loretto’s Drama Club takes on Little Women


The cast of Little Women takes a picture together after the play. All of the actors are seen in the Little Theater with their costumes and makeup on. Photo courtesy of Catherine Torres

Zuleika Botello and Mia Montelongo, Staff Reporters

On Nov. 10, Loretto kicked off their fall production of the iconic novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women.

The play was a three-day production and included actors from Loretto, Cathedral, Franklin, and El Paso High School.

The cast consisted of mostly upperclassmen, but all actors did a great job portraying their younger roles.

Sophomore Sophia Gonzalez said, “I think that the play was good and that the actors portrayed their characters in the play really well!”

The play was about two hours long and had a short 15-minute intercession.

The theater was lit perfectly, and the new sound system helped the audience hear everything clearly.

From the costumes to the execution of the play, it is clear that every member of the cast and crew worked extremely hard to put on this production.

Jo, the main character, was played by Loretto senior Sophia Arellano.

This was Arellano’s first time acting and doing a performance at Loretto.

Arellano did a perfect job of performing as Jo, and her passion was shown in her role.

Arellano said, “I think I relate a lot to my character because Jo does what she likes, and she sees no issue in being herself.

She’s also very stubborn and independent.”

The play had many similarities to the novel, and the transitions from scene to scene were well-planned.

The play started the same way as the novel, with the four March sisters together, waiting for their mother.

Throughout the beginning of the play, the characters and their personalities really came to life.

Additionally, the theme of friendship, and sometimes lack thereof, was flawlessly portrayed.

When the March family was introduced to Laurie, his grandfather, and his tutor, you could tell the sequence of events from the novel was maintained.

The acting in this scene provided the perfect imagery the readers would expect after reading the novel.

When Amy burned Jo’s book, you could hear the whole audience gasp.

The crowd was very engaged and eager to see what would happen next.

Despite some misbehavior from the crowd on the opening night of the play, the last two showings seemed to go smoothly.

Overall, the production was captivating, charming, and intense.

The Loretto Academy Drama Club did an excellent job with this production, and the Loretto community applauds them for their tireless efforts and dedication to the school.