Athletes of the Month: Jayne Nowak, Emma Isaac


Emma Isaac (left) and Jayne Nowak (right) attend a tennis match. The two athletes have been outstanding this season. Photo courtesy of Jayne Nowak

Katerina Liano , Staff Reporter

The Loretto tennis team has two Athletes of the Month for October 2022, which are senior Jayne Nowak and junior Emma Isaac.

Nowak said, “I am very honored to be Athlete of the Month; I love my teammates with my whole heart and would do anything for them. 

I have really enjoyed being able to represent the school as best as I can. 

I was actually Athlete of the Month in October of my freshman year, so this really feels like a full circle moment for me.”

This year’s tennis season started differently for Nowak than previous seasons.  

Nowak said, “The season was about two months long, but sadly, my season was cut a little short because I had Covid, which also affected my breathing, and I had to work really hard to get my fitness back to normal.” 

Nowak has been playing tennis since she was in third grade and hopes to continue her tennis journey in college. 

Nowak said, “I’ve been offered some amazing opportunities but more than that I hope to continue loving the sport and playing for the rest of my life.”

Likewise, Isaac has been playing tennis since she was four years old.

Isaac has grown a lot as a player since she joined the Loretto tennis team as a freshman.

Isaac said, “I’m really excited and happy to be Athlete of the Month because I’ve put so much time and effort into sports, especially tennis.  

I’ve definitely grown a lot since I started playing tennis when I was really young.

I’ve become a more confident player because of how many competitions I’ve played, and that is probably the biggest change.”

Loretto’s tennis season was two months long and consisted of a total of 10 matches for the players.

Although Loretto’s tennis team is done competing during the fall semester, they will be back in action for the spring semester!