Say What?

How do you feel about the recent lifting of the mask mandate at Loretto Academy?

Mia Montelongo, Staff Reporter

Loretto freshman: Precious Pieri

Precious Pieri


Even though it took a while to get used to, I personally like it that Loretto lifted the mask mandate. I didn’t like the constant reminder of ‘pull your mask up”, but altogether I think that it was worth it.”



Loretto sophomore: Lauren Domengeaux

Lauren Domengeaux


“I think that it’s been going really well and that it gives us more freedom to interact with everyone at the school. But I also think that’s its still good that if some people feel more comfortable wearing a mask, then they can, no one is forcing them not to, and no one is forcing people who don’t want to wear a mask to wear one.”



Loretto junior: Mia Urias

Mia Urias

“The fact that they have made the mask optional for Loretto makes me extremely happy because I believe we should progressively return to our everyday routine as it was before the COVID pandemic.”



Loretto Senior: Mia White

Mia White

“I think it is something that everyone wanted to happen. Understanding the circumstances of Loretto Academy and knowing we’re such a close-knit school, I understood why it was initially encouraged at the beginning of this year. However, the lift of the mask mandate did allow me to become a lot more comfortable with my environment. “