Freshmen, junior retreats strengthen sisterhood

Loretto freshmen posing for a picture. They are holding up paper plates with their names on them.  Photo courtesy of Ava Muñoz.

Loretto freshmen posing for a picture. They are holding up paper plates with their names on them. Photo courtesy of Ava Muñoz.

Katerina Liano, Staff Reporter

Loretto’s freshman retreat was on September 15, 2022, and was held in the Loretto gym.

The retreats are held to provide a break from school and classwork for the students with different activities.

Some of the activities included videos and discussions with the counselors, speeches from various students, and a game where students had to work together to keep an inflatable globe from hitting the ground.

Loretto freshman, Mia Sofia Velazquez said, “All the activities we did were creative and participating in them let us bond with our classmates. 

I think it’s important to participate because that’s how we get to know all of our new classmates which we will probably be with for most of high school. 

After the retreat, I felt close to my classmates and I made a lot of new friends!”

 Class participation is always encouraged as a way to help students move out of their comfort zones.

The retreats for the classes are different every year, so the students never know what to expect.

Loretto freshman, Ava Muñoz said, “I was excited for the retreat because this year there were a bunch of new people and I had no idea who they were or even their names. 

I was also excited to participate in all the activities and hang out with people I did know. “

One of the main purposes of the retreat is to help strengthen the sisterhood that binds Loretto together.

Loretto freshman, Angela An said, “I feel closer to certain classmates since they were in my group and I got to talk to them more.

I’d never met them before since they weren’t in my classes.”

The junior retreat took place on October 13, 2022, and was also in the Loretto gym.

Expectations were high, given that this was only the juniors’ second retreat due to covid restrictions.

Loretto junior, Sophia Merjil said, “ I was so excited for the retreat because I was looking forward to bonding with my friends and learning more about my faith. “

Their freshman-year retreat was put on hold because of the pandemic in 2020.

Loretto junior, Bella Herrera said, “My expectations were met with the retreat because we were able to have fun, while also connecting as a class and focusing on our growing connection with God.”

The sophomore retreat and senior retreat have yet to take place, but the students are anticipating activities promoting teamwork, respect, and most importantly, fun!