Varsity volleyball’s Senior Night success


Seniors on Loretto Academy’s varsity volleyball team prepare for their last match on Senior Night. Pictured above are (top row, left to right) Renata Munoz, Stephanie Raney, Regina Beltran del Rio, Yareli Yu, and Mia Quiñones; (bottom row, left to right) Marialuisa Urias, Paula Lechuga, Regina Leyva, and Ana Escoto. Photo courtesy of Regina Beltran del Rio

Mia Badillo, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Loretto’s varsity volleyball team lines up to introduce the seniors before their match. Pictured above are (left to right) Regina Leyva, Ana Escoto, Valeria Portillo (junior), Renata Munoz, Paula Lechuga, Regina Beltran del Rio, Stephanie Raney, Yareli Yu, Marialuisa Urias, Lauren Domengeaux (sophomore), Mariana Medrano (junior), and Mia Quiñones. Photo courtesy of Mia Badillo

Loretto Academy’s varsity volleyball team closed out their season with a win on Senior Night against Immanuel Christian School on October 11. 

Loretto won the best-of-five match by a score of 3-1; 25-17, 20-25, 25-18, 25-14. 

The varsity team finished the 2022-2023 season with an overall record of 15-6.

Members of the Loretto community gathered in the gym to bid farewell to the nine seniors on the varsity volleyball team.

The following student-athletes are in the graduating class of 2023: Regina Beltran del Rio, Ana Escoto, Paula Lechuga, Regina Leyva, Renata Munoz, Stephanie Raney, Marialuisa Urias, Mia Quiñones, and Yareli Yu. 

Senior Stephanie Raney said, “I’ll miss seeing the girls every day and even though it can be tiring and frustrating, we were always there together, supporting each other.”

From getting up in the early morning to staying at school after hours, the varsity players upheld their responsibilities on and off the court. 

Senior Yareli Yu said, “My favorite memory during volleyball this year is when we went to five sets with Mayfield, and we won the championship tournament. 

I’m going to miss seeing my friends every day, making memories at 5 a.m. practice, and all the laughs we had.”

The seniors created a close bond with Ms. Glover, Loretto’s Athletic Director, during their four years in high school. 

Ms. Glover said, “One day they decided to come and have lunch with me, and they haven’t stopped. 

They have made my day every day that they’re here. 

My message to them is this: Don’t ever forget your roots or Loretto because you’ll never make the friends you have made at Loretto and don’t ever forget me.” 

According to Max Preps, a platform for high school sports, Regina Beltran del Rio was named Player of the Match on Senior Night. 

Beltran del Rio said, “I am shocked and extremely honored to be selected as the player of the match for Senior Night. 

This is a really special moment for me, and there’s no way I could have done it without my teammates.”

Loretto faces off against Immanuel Christian School in the second set of the match. Immanuel Christian won the second set 25-20. Photo courtesy of Mia Badillo

The seniors are leaving behind two juniors and one sophomore on the varsity team. 

Junior Mariana Medrano said, “Playing volleyball with this group of seniors was something memorable. 

These seniors not only supported me and cheered me on, but they made volleyball fun. 

They kept a smile on and off the court, winning or losing; they never lost hope. 

Their positive attitudes are something I value about them.

What I will miss the most about this group of seniors is simply playing volleyball with them. 

Bonding over something we all loved made our friendship even stronger.”

These seniors will leave a lasting legacy in athletics at Loretto, and they hope that future generations of volleyball athletes will carry on their success. 

Yu said, “I recommend newcomers join volleyball because of the sisterhood within the group and all of the new people you will meet.”

Some of the seniors are debating whether to continue their volleyball careers in college. 

Senior Mia Quiñones said, “I really want to. 

I have already decided to continue playing club volleyball for my last year, and hopefully, I can get offers to keep playing in college.”

The recruitment process includes contacting coaches, visiting colleges, and creating recruitment videos.

Senior Regina Leyva said, “If offered a scholarship, probably, but it depends on the college and if it gets in the way of classes.”

The seniors will continue to achieve great things as they plan for the future and enter the next chapter of their lives. 

Loretto Angels forever!