Summer sports banquet


Track Coach Joe Ramirez with Melania Martinez, Josephine Kelly, Clarissa Ruiz, Renata Bustillo, and Amalie Juarez. Track girls celebrated their last memories of the year. Photo courtesy: Joe Ramirez

Anacamila Anaya, Staff Reporter

After previous sports banquets, it is now finally time to move on to the final banquet of the school year. 

This summer banquet is celebrating tennis, golf, and track & field athletes.

At this banquet, they served brisket, potatoes, and beans, cooked by Mrs. Glover. 

Following this wonderful dinner Mrs. Glover gave out the following awards:


Track & field: 

  • Amelie Juarez: Leadership
  • Clarissa Ruiz: MVP 
  • Grace Tolentino: Most Improved 
  • Mia Moreno: Iron Angel 
  • Danya Revuelta: Most Spirited
  • Melania Martinez: Up and Coming 
  • Sophia Ryan: Most dedicated 



  • Eloisa Urrea: Most Dedicated 
  • Gabriela Rangel: Most Improved 
  • Mariana Castillo: Best Overall Player


  • Jayne Nowak: MVP
  • Mia Montelongo: Most Improved 
  • Ceana Chavez: Rookie of the year
  • Veronica Espino: Angel Award 


These ladies have worked hard and have earned their awards. 

Joining a new sport can be hard and challenging, but these athletes overcame all obstacles they faced throughout the year. 

Freshman Renata Bustillo had never joined track & field until this year.

Bustillo said, “ I have grown as a person in this track experience. 

As to how I think, I wanted to be in track to be healthy and have that fitness life, but track showed me that it was more than that, it’s about running, having that adrenaline when you run, as well as having fun with friends. “ 

Bustillos’ first year in track was a success and has helped her a lot with her mental state. 

Bustillos said, “I will for sure be joining track again next year.

I absolutely loved the adrenaline rush and track has helped me with my mental health and anxiety. 

It kept me strong.”

These girls had a long, but rewarding season, and hopefully they will rejoin next year. 

Next school year is full of surprises and new up coming athletes.