See you soon

Orlyanka Tantchou, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Being Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Prax this school year has been such an honor and one that I will never forget as the highlight of my high school journey.

I have been able to oversee each edition and write about topics that have spoken to me and circulated in the news.

I was placed into Journalism because of a scheduling conflict, but by making the most of it it’s been a life experience that has taught me so much.

I have been more consistent with watching the news and learning more about the tragic events that take place every single day.

I was able to reach out to different people and inquire about their perspectives on a certain situation.

Hearing others’ voices and points of view allows me to be more open to the other side and way of thinking.

My writing skills have improved tremendously which has helped me in my other classes as well. 

I’m more creative with the angles I take with every piece I write and my progress from August to now is a huge difference. 

Of course, when times were tough, listening to former Prax member and current 

investigative reporter for KFOX14, Estefania Seyffert reminded me what huge role journalists play in the news. 

I accepted my responsibility to be a news outlet for the Loretto community and guide my peers on the right track.

This experience has helped me gain confidence and patience, not only to articulate my thoughts but also to give people time to catch up.

Overall, I feel confident in knowing that I made an impact on my local community and spread an important message to those who weren’t aware.

Journalism has shaped my life and I will apply it to the rest of my years in school and in future endeavors.

A special thanks to Mrs. Lockhart-Walker for leading our newspaper staff and teaching us more every day about the secrets of a young journalist.