TMEA spotlight


Show choir girls are getting ready for another performance at Loretto Academy. Teacher Mr.Hernandez has hopes he can teach new students.

Anacamila Anaya, Staff Reporter

TMEA stands for Texas Music Educators Association and Loretto competed for a spot in October.

It is an organization of over 12,000 music educators in Texas and Loretto Choir teacher Michael Hernandez is taking part.

Hernandez has been teaching choir for 27 years.

Hernandez said,” I think my favorite part about teaching choir is showing them that they can actually do it when they tell me they can’t.

This gives me the opportunity to show them that they can really do something special and outside the box.”

Hernandez explains that this year was his first year officially teaching high school and middle school choir apart from show choir.

Hernandez said, “I plan on taking the show choir to compete in San Antonio in the spring and then either Carnegie Hall next year or to work with some of the actresses or actors on Broadway.”

Hernandez has high hopes for his team and is excited to work with the girls this year.

One of the performances they worked on was for the Halloween assembly.

They performed a composition of The Nightmare Before Christmas songs.

They prepared for this performance every day for two weeks.

Hernandez said, “They actually came up with the little dance and everything, and I just kind of structured the music together.”

Loretto freshman Angela Johny said “My favorite part of show choir is working with my friends.

We spend time together working on songs to perform.

I started choir when I was 5 at my church with my family.

My goal is to make it to some type of regional choir where I can compete.”

Even though she is only a freshman, Johny has high hopes and ambitions in the future regarding choir.

The show choir team is already planning ahead for their next performance.