Words for moving forward


Loretto Alumni left advice for the graduating class of 2020. This advice came as a substitution for the Senior-Alumna Luncheon hosted by Loretto annually. Photo courtesy of Loretto Academy Instagram.

Iliana Moreno, Loretto News Editor

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, the seniors of Loretto find themselves in a new situation they are unfamiliar with.

This year, seniors couldn’t participate in some of Loretto’s most prestigious traditions, such as Ring Rose and Circle Drive.

With entering unmarked territory started by the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors begin to part from Loretto with little guidance.

However, Loretto alumni stepped up and gave pieces of advice through Loretto’s Instagram page for the parting seniors words that will guide them on their journey through college and these challenging times. 

Michelle Peters, class of 2012, said, “Make God your number one advisor for each and every one of your plans… and remember that the ultimate goal is to live a life that leads us to heaven.”

As seniors embark on a different journey, they will remember to carry the Loretto motto “angels for life” with them.

Karla Lucia, class of 1994, said, “As you go forth and do great things, be kind, be compassionate, and show the world what dynamic women come from that little school up on the hill!”

Loretto women have grown to become confident over time, showing their great strengths and carrying them off into the world outside of high school. 

Loretto’s senior English teacher Ms. Franco, class of 1977, said, “Work to make the world a better place!

“Choose a career that is based on love and giving, not greed or power.

“Keep the core values in your heart.” 

The Loretto values of faith, community, justice, and respect have been instilled in all of Loretto’s graduating girls since the beginning of freshman year; these values will guide them through college and their careers. 

Lastly, Rose Gailey, class of 1977, said, “Always lean into your authentic leadership and find strength and courage by living our Loretto values.

“Find your purpose, live your purpose in everything you do.

“And never doubt the power of your intention and commitment to make a difference in this world.” 

The new world that the seniors will enter into will be a big change from the small campus of Loretto Academy, but these wise words from the Loretto ladies who have gone through the same will hopefully lead the Loretto class of 2020 into the future.