Coronavirus affects spring sports season


Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Quintero

Cassandra Quintero, a senior who joined track and does hurdles. Photo courtesy of Cassandra Quintero.

Victoria DuBois, Sports Reporter

The next season for Loretto’s sports was going to include softball, track, tennis, and golf; however, for safety measures, the meets and games have been either postponed or canceled.

The tennis regional tournament that was originally going to take place in March at San Antonio has been postponed indefinitely for the safety of all.  

It is very heartbreaking that the freshmen weren’t able to play their first year and that seniors won’t have another regional tournament.

Alejandra Urbina, senior and member of the track team, said, “It was really heartbreaking not being able to finish my last season doing track.

“I had been on track since sophomore year. 

“It was really sad because we had been training to compete our best at districts in San Antonio, but unfortunately due to the circumstances it got canceled.”

Senior softball player Audrey Hermida said, “Even though it would be my last year, it should have been the best year overall.

“I would give everything I had to get to experience my final senior game. 

“It makes me sad thinking about how much I worked and put into the sport just for it to be cut so short and to never be able to experience special events that other former seniors got to.” 

 It is very hard for the seniors to believe that their last few months were stripped away, but if we see it in the best way possible, we stay healthy and prevent more people from getting sick.