What’s going on with prom?


Prom night at Loretto Academy 1942. Photo courtesy of digie.org.

Melina Olivas, Loretto News Co-Editor

Every year, the junior class plans Loretto Academy’s prom.

This leaves seniors completely in the dark.

What’s the venue? 

What’s the theme?

What will the DJ be like?

We don’t know!

Ms. Franco has sworn every single junior to secrecy, so we must wait patiently in the dark until April 18.

Co-editor of Loretto News, Iliana Moreno, said, “Melina, I already told you to stop asking me.

“I know you’re writing the story, but seriously stop.”

As we eagerly anticipate the night of fun awaiting us, we can only wonder if they will be able to pull it off as well as we did last year.