National Honor Society President Macarena Barrio


Macarena Barrio volunteers with young students as part of her community service. Barrio utilizes her leadership skills within school and at various community service projects. Photo courtesy of Macarena Barrio.

Sybonae Acosta, Class Sections Editor

National Honor Society is a renowned organization that conducts the finest students across the nation based on four basic criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Between the responsibility of upholding the previous name of the organization and organizing the various volunteer services, being the president is a huge task to take on.

That is why there was no one more fit to tackle the job than Macarena Barrio.

Before running for president she consulted with the former president for advice.

Barrio said, “When I had to make the choice whether to run for president or not I decided to speak to Caro Gamboa, who was president at the time; she convinced me that it was a fun job that required a lot of responsibility, but it was so worth it because it helped her learn how to be a leader. 

“So I think when she mentioned that being NHS president taught her how to be a true leader I was convinced I wanted to run.”

As NHS president, Barrio is in charge of running large volunteer services such as the school-wide tutoring, blood drive, and service projects.

With the amount of responsibilities she carries, she also ensures to take charge of her leadership position.

Barrio said, “The hardest struggle I face as president is being strict about the rules because it makes me feel bad afterwards for giving someone a hard time for something they did wrong.”

Although the job comes with its many difficult duties, Barrio has learned so much from her position.

Barrio said, “The position has taught me that it is hard being a leader because it involves a lot of effort, both emotional and physical.

“I sometimes have a hard time asking for help but I learned that it is okay to ask for help especially when you have a hard job to do; thankfully the secretary and the vice president are always looking for ways to help me and in the end we all work together to finish the task at hand.”

Barrio continues to show great leadership and determination in her role as president, and her love for her work shows.

Barrio said, “The best part of being president is my role as a leader in the school…I get to be the voice of students in important matters.”

Macarena Barrio more than exemplifies the four criteria it takes to be a member of NHS in her passion and love for her school and community.