Major drop in temperatures

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Sofia Cortez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

People have been wondering why there has been such a recent drop in temperatures, this may be because of the polar vortex expanding.

The polar vortex is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding the North and South Poles; the flow of air keeps the cold air close to the Poles.

However, sometimes the vortex expands when there is a weak jet stream; this sends cold air down to northern parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.

The polar vortex expanded in January and the decrease in temperatures broke the 1985 record for the coldest decrease in temperatures due to the polar vortex.

Since there has been little cold air this winter in the eastern United States, this recent expansion of the vortex hit the states all at once.

Southern states did not see much of a decrease in temperatures unlike the northern states.

Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo were hit with an extreme drop in temperatures; their temperatures were between 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arizona, which never experiences sticking snow fall, was hit with a large snow storm; particularly in the Tucson area.

Scientists are working to find the cause and effect of this issue and to find proof of a variety of theories.

A theory that scientists have come up with is this overflow of the polar vortex was assisted by global warming.

The reason is because when warm air invades the artic circle, it weakens the polar vortex, thus making it easier to expand.

However, this theory, in the world of science, has not been proven yet and there are people who believe global warming has nothing to do with this.

People should not worry too much when they hear about an expansion of the polar vortex; they just need to prepare for colder temperatures by wearing warmer clothes, and making sure their plants and animals are inside.

El Pasoans experienced a major drop in temperatures on February 19 through the 22, this unexpected drop brought in some snow, rain, and cold winds.

The drop in temperatures has affected many different things, over 1000 airline flights have been cancelled, schools have had to cancel class, and businesses have had to shutdown.

The affects of the polar vortex have lasted longer than expected and people are unsure about how much longer it will last, so one thing for sure is prepare for the cold weather to continue.