Angel in the Spotlight: Elisa Camacho


Elisa Camacho is at El Paso’s “Chalk the Block” selling clay earrings and charms. She was selected as “Angel in the Spotlight” for her artistic contributions to the El Paso Community. Photo courtesy of Elisa Camacho

Ava Bonilla, edited by Mia Badillo, Loretto News Editor, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Elisa Camacho is a senior at Loretto Academy High School and is the creator of De Colores Designs.

As a freshman, she founded De Colores Designs during the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020 when she decided to revisit an old hobby of creating clay figures and designs.

Since she had so much time on her hands because of quarantine, Elisa began to create earrings out of clay. 

Some of her creations include gumball machines, ice cream cones, and hamburger earrings.

Each pair is handmade and crafted with great attention to detail.

Camacho’s mother encouraged her to begin selling her earrings at local El Paso farmer’s markets.

Camacho said, “My mom is my biggest supporter.

At the beginning of my business in 2020, she was the one that pushed me to keep going.

 She is at every farmer’s market helping me run my booth.”

During sophomore year, Camacho would spend two to three hours every day after online school to work on her creations to relieve her stress. 

Camacho created an Instagram account to advertise her designs and gained over 1,000 followers.

Camacho said, “The biggest challenge is creating enough earrings for farmer’s markets because even if the event is only four hours long, it still takes a lot of work to create all my earrings.”

She has now sold her creations at the El PaSol Farmers Market, El Paso Comic Con, GirlswithluvEP Market, and Upper Valley Artist & Farmers Market. 

Recently, Camacho was a vendor at El Paso’s annual “Chalk the Block.”

Camacho said, “I was able to be a part of this huge art festival where it truly inspired me to keep going by seeing so many other talented vendors.”

Camacho’s friend, Reese Quintana said, “I’ve known Elisa for seven years now, and I have never met a more hardworking person.

When she told me she was starting De Colores Designs, I wasn’t surprised because she possesses the motivation and desire to create her future.

I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished so far and I can only imagine what she’ll do next.”

Her hard work and dedication to art are visible throughout each and every charm that she makes.

There is no doubt that Camacho will continue to express her creativity and reach amazing heights beyond her high school years. 

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