Say What?

Isabel Garza, edited by Orlyanka Tantchou, Class Sections Editor, Co-Editor-in-Chief

How was your experience in the annual welcome activity  “Taste of Loretto?”

Loretto freshman: Ava Munoz

“I enjoyed being able to share my experience and all the great things Loretto has to offer. Meeting new people who were interested and timid about coming to a new school was an amazing experience because I was like that at one point and I know what it feels like. I toured around 3-5 girls and it was nice meeting new girls and showing them around my second home. I’m glad I was able to help them and answer any questions knowing they might be in my same footsteps next year.”


Loretto sophomore: Grecia Mares

“As someone watching from the sidelines, the eighth graders seemed very happy to be sitting in on some classes, as well as getting to know the teachers and how different classes are run. Watching from the sidelines I remembered what it felt like to be on there side of things.”


Loretto junior: Isela Iglesias

In my Taste of Loretto I was very intimidated with the whole experience. I come from a very small catholic school, so seeing a campus five times bigger was overwhelming. All the teachers taught with enthusiasm, which made the material easy to learn and fun. This whole experience made me excited to come to this school the following year, and I’m grateful that the incoming freshman got the same experince this year.

Loretto senior: Isabella Lozano

“My favorite part was the group tours because it was easier to keep them entertained and engaged. I would have never thought I would be giving the tour. While I was receiving the tour as an eighth grader it was so much fun and exciting, so when I was giving the tour I tried to replicate that feeling of excitement and interest.”