Say What?

Blackbaud or Famnet and why?

Zuleika Botello , Staff Reporter

Loretto freshman: Vanessa Mora

Vanessa Mora

“Blackbaud because you can see what grades you got on your work and you can press hide or show so your parents won’t know about it.”


Loretto sophomore: Brianna Farish 

Brianna Farish

“Blackbaud because it is so much easier to access, you don’t have to download Firefox until Famnet, checking grades is more efficient because when a teacher inputs grades, you can see the change right away, the assignment center on Blackbaud is helpful to see the upcoming assignments so you can get ahead or the assignments that need to be turned in, and it gives you your class schedule monthly.”


Loretto junior: Bella Candia 

Bella Candia

“I like Blackbaud more because it’s easier to use and Famnet was constantly having issues or it didn’t work with a specific browser. I don’t like using Blackbaud to turn in my assignments though because I feel like it’s not convenient.”


Loretto senior: Sophia Arellano 

Sophia Arellano

“Honestly, I would rather use Famnet because Loretto has used it throughout the years and I’m used to it.”