Loretto’s dance team makes a comeback


Orchesis takes their final bow at Loretto’s Christmas performance in 2021. Their performances take place in the gym at Loretto Academy. Photo courtesy of Mia Quinones

Ava Bonilla, Loretto News Editor

Loretto Academy’s dance team, best known as Orchesis, has made its comeback after being put on hold due to the pandemic. 

Director Mrs. Cortez said, “COVID really hurt us because an entire classification didn’t know that Orchesis existed so it was a big rebuilding year.

We ended the year with only five dancers and so this year I’m really happy that there seems to be more awareness.”

Audition posters were put up around the school and those interested had to choreograph a one-minute solo.

Cortez said, “This year we didn’t cut anyone because the scores were pretty close to one another and we felt that we could teach the technique that was missing to those dancers who needed it.”

This year’s president of the club is senior Caitlin Mijares, who is in charge of picking the songs and choreography for the dances. 

Mijares said, “It’s hard to make sure that everyone is learning, gets the same amount of attention, and stays on task. 

It’s also hard to keep everyone’s attention because the group is so large this year.

I’m most excited for next year’s spring recital because it doesn’t have to follow a certain season and I can have more freedom with the songs.”

Apart from Orchesis, Mrs. Cortez is also in charge of the Dance Honor Society, which is different. 

Dance Honor Society girls have to have outside training in a professional studio to join, whereas this is not required for Orchesis. 

This year, there are only two members of the Dance Honor Society. 

Orchesis puts on annual Halloween, Christmas, and Spring performances to showcase their talent in various dances. 

Dance Honor Society and Orchesis perform together, although the girls in Dance Honor Society have less performance time since they only dance in selected pieces. 

This year’s Orchesis team has 11 total members and they are currently rehearsing for the Halloween Assembly, which will take place on October 31, 2022.