Behind the scenes of “Little Women”


Loretto’s Angels in the Wings Theater Company running their lines during rehearsal. The play is set to take place on November 10-12, 2022. Photo courtesy of Sofia Ruiz del Hoyo.

Ava Bonilla, Loretto News Editor

Loretto Academy’s drama club members are currently rehearsing for the production of “Little Women” which is open to all who are interested in attending on November 10-12, 2022.  

The cast practices every day after school from 4:00-7:00 p.m. in the Little Theatre. 

Co-director Mrs. Cortez said, “It’s a story that has a strong female cast, and the lead role of Jo, kind of, I think, emulates how we want Loretto girls to see themselves as they can do anything and don’t have to follow the norms.”

“Little Women” is a story about four sisters living together who grow up and find their passions, personalities, and places in the world.

The drama club consists of seven girls and four boys who work together in acting and tech to fill the shoes of each character. 

Head of hair and makeup, Miranda Moreno said, “I would say the people are my favorite part because we’re all really close and the bonding is really prominent in the club; we’re not afraid of being ourselves in front of each other.”

Sofia Ruiz del Hoyo will be acting in the role of Beth March in this production and has already been adapting to the character. 

Ruiz del Hoyo said, “I feel like Beth is a lot like me; she is very shy and she mostly keeps to herself throughout the play and I relate to that a lot because I am shy when you first get to know me so that was easy to tap into.”

“Little Women” is the only play that the Angels in the Wings Theater Company have worked on in the 2022 school year, but there are many more productions to come.

Ruiz del Hoyo said, “It gets tiring from all the rehearsals but being able to step on stage on opening day and feel your character is a wonderful experience. 

I didn’t waste time and everything meant something.”

The drama club will also be putting together a haunted house on Friday, October 28 to celebrate Halloween. 

Ruiz del Hoyo said, “I’m excited to see the reactions of people and I hope they get scared.

Working with my friends is my favorite part.” 

Make sure to come and enjoy the drama club presentation of “Little Women” to witness the cast in action on November 10-12 in Loretto Academy’s Little Theater.