Prax self-reflection

Mariajose Florido, Staff Reporter

Coming back to the Loretto system was a hard change for me.

Being in Loretto for middle school but transferring to a public high school made a huge difference in my academic work.

Signing up for journalism class in my junior year of high school at Loretto was one of the best decisions I made this school year.

This class taught me to be on time with my deadlines and to teach myself to learn and work with different people.

Getting out of my comfort zone was the main factor in this class.

Most of the time in this class, I didn’t know how to go about writing articles, but figuring it out myself made me expand my knowledge and my limits.

A big thank you

It’s not only a thank you for Mrs. Lockhart’s assistance but also an appreciation for the sense of comfort I feel as I walk into her class.

I know that when she corrects us, it’s not personal, but it’s to teach us the norms of the real world.

I want to thank Mrs. Lockhart for teaching us discipline and making us in charge of our own doings.

She always taught my fellow classmates and me what a team is for and how important it is to work together with positive attitudes.

Even though Mrs. Lockhart would get mad when we got a sports question wrong on our current event quizzes, it made me want to learn more about the sports that she’s passionate about.

Each week we had a new motivation and new topics to learn and write about.


A big piece of advice I would give to upcoming journalists is to have a planner.

In journalism, everything is due the day Mrs. Lockhart says it is due, not before, not a day after, but on the assigned due date.

Keep track of your dates and when you are going to print your articles.

Learn from a fellow journalist like myself, and do not make your life harder by printing your articles in the library during the period prior to your journalism class.

It complicates your class and creates even more stress.

I will also advise you to feel confident in your writing, be creative, be yourself, and have fun.

This class is to learn and to have fun, but don’t get too carried away!


Any Loretto student who wants to broaden their knowledge of the real world and learn how it operates on a daily basis should take this class.

Making new friends and bonding with a teacher who has a wealth of knowledge will benefit you not only in school but also in whatever path you take in life.