Praxer’s Reflection

Andrea Acosta, Staff Reporter

I’m going to be honest; I’m not going to say I was planning to join journalism class.

I was ready for the first day of school to be over so I could talk to the counselor regarding a mistake on my schedule.

It was my last period, and I went to the class with the decision that I would change my schedule after school. 

I walked into class to see Mrs. Lockhart with a smile on her face, welcoming my friends and me in and introducing us to the basics of the class. 

At the beginning of class, I remember she told us she hoped she could convince some of us to stay in journalism and not switch classes. 

Mrs. Lockhart was once again successful in her plan. 

As she told us more about the class, I got more and more interested in staying. 

My favorite part about this journalism class was being able to overcome the stress of dealing with deadlines and becoming confident when having to interview people. 

This journalism class has taught me how to write and present news stories in different sections of the newspaper and how to include opinion pieces on certain topics.

This class has helped me understand the different forms of writing, history, and the ethics of journalism.

Being on top of the news was key to participating in this class, and getting a better understanding of old journalists and their major mistakes was a guide to what to avoid.

I’m happy to have stayed in this class and learned more about being a journalist and taking part in The Prax.

The Prax was the perfect opportunity for me to get a glimpse of what it’s truly like to be a journalist and work together as a team to find more information. 

I had a wonderful experience being able to interview people and gather information for each article. 

But most importantly, I loved being part of The Prax and having Mrs. Lockhart as my mentor/teacher in both English and journalism. 

I want to give a big shout-out to my favorite teacher, Mrs. Lockhart.