Say What?

What was the most memorable moment during Shout Week?

Mariajose Florido, Staff Reporter

Freshman: Ximena Maria Aranzola

Ximena Maria Aranzola

“I enjoyed mostly where each day was a different activity since I came from a school where they didn’t do this.”


Sophomore: Alix Prieto

Alix Prieto

“I really enjoyed watching the teachers in the go-karts and enjoying the activities we did, and I also loved movie day.”


Junior: Ava Bonilla

Ava Bonilla

“I probably enjoyed watching the movies during our class periods the most.”


Senior: Amia Barrio

Amia Barrio

“For me, the most memorable moment during Shout Week was when I watched High School Musical because I related to the movie since I am graduating this year, and it made it special.”