Say What?

How are you preparing for the AP tests, and which ones are you taking this year?

Mariajose Florido, Staff Reporter

Freshman: Luisa Fernanda Ortiz

Luisa Fernanda Ortiz

“The way in which I prepare for my AP tests is by studying, reading my books, and excelling in my daily quizzes.”

Sophomore: Paulina Cavazos

Paulina Cavazos

“ I feel as if I go through all of my past tests and go through all of my work, I will feel confident enough to take all of my tests.”

Junior: Mia White

Mia White

“I am preparing for the AP US History and English by listening to my teachers, understanding the material, and relying on outside resources.”

Senior: Danielle Leydon 

Danielle Leydon

“I am preparing by studying a little bit of material every day! This year, I’m taking the AP English, AP US History, and AP Microeconomics tests.”