El Paso Comic Con 2022


Loretto juniors Elisa Camacho (left) and Sofia Ruiz del Hoyo (right) taking a picture at the El Paso Comic Con. Camacho sold her handmade polymer clay earrings at the event. Photo courtesy of @de_colores_designs on Instagram

Andrea Acosta, Staff Reporter

Attention all fans, creators, and pop culture enthusiasts: this year’s El Paso Comic Con was a hit!

El Paso Comic Con is a family-friendly pop culture event that represents today’s various fandoms as well as the distinctive real essence of El Paso, Texas, and the American Southwest.

This year’s Comic Con covered multiple entertainment genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, pop culture comics, gaming, movies, and television.

Attendees also had the opportunity to sit in on panels and workshops presented by creative professionals, as well as acquire signatures and photos with their favorite artists.

Comic Con took place from April 22-24 and was held at the Convention Center in Downtown El Paso.

Tickets were available online for the following prices:

  • Friday for $20
  • Saturday for $35
  • Sunday for $30

Loretto junior and founder of De Colores Designs, Elisa Camacho, said, “My favorite moment was seeing all the people cosplaying as their favorite characters.

I loved seeing people’s faces light up when they saw earrings they liked from my booth.

It was a great experience being a vendor at Comic Con.

It wasn’t too different from my usual farmer’s markets.”

On Saturday and Sunday, William Shatner (best known for his role in Star Trek) and Giancarlo Esposito (best known for his role in Breaking Bad) attended the convention.

Other guests for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday included:

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Mick Foley, Aaron Roberts, Mike McFarland, Austin Tindle, Monica Rail, Jarrod Greene, Josh Grelle, Andrew Bryniarski, Ari Lehman, Michael Golden, Sam De La Rosa, Ian Mcginty, Keith Coogan, and Renee Witterstetter.

This convention takes place in all parts of the world, but its most prominent event, San Diego Comic Con, is always held at San Diego Convention Center.