Prom 2022: Night of Nights

Anacamila Anaya, Staff Reporter

It is the time of the year when upperclassmen buy overpriced dresses that will only be worn once, it’s prom.

Prom 2022 has finally arrived and everyone is excited as ever. 

This year’s dance will be held at The Summit Ballroom & Conference Center at 8:00 PM on Saturday, April 30th.

This will be the first prom held since 2019 when COVID-19 made the 2020-2021 prom hard to come to life. 

Ticket prices depend on the day they were bought.

Early bird tickets start from $30 and if the tickets are bought later, the prices can go up to $50.


The committees this year were broken down into: 

  • Decorations
  • Music
  • Design (tickets and posters)
  • Theme


This year’s theme is “Starry Night” or “Meet me under the stars” inspired by the colors and lights of the sky.

“Starry Night” was chosen when a very famous color palette started trending on the internet. 

This palette included dark purple, pink, blue, and a lot of glitter.

The decoration team is working on some low-budget/high-quality looks that would give that starry illusion.  

Dress Prices:

Fortunately, there is absolutely no dress code for this prom.

 Some students have decided to go all out and buy extremely overpriced dresses. 

Loretto junior, Regina Beltran, spent over 300 dollars on her prom dress. 

Beltran said, “ I do not regret buying my dress because I know that I will wear it for multiple events. 

If it was another dress I would most definitely regret buying it because it is expensive.” 

Beltran has no remorse for buying her dress and she is happier than ever to be wearing it on such a special occasion. 

Even though some dresses can be over 100 some aren’t. 

Loretto junior, Regina Correa, spent 84 dollars on her dress. 

Correa said, “I regret buying it because since I bought it online I didn’t know exactly what the color and the fit of the dress would be. 

When I got it the color looked different and it didn’t fit right.”

Correa’s dress wasn’t as expensive but still a waste of money since it won’t even be worn once.

Loretto senior, Carolina Garcia, spent around $130 on her dress. 

Carolina said, “I do not regret buying my dress at all.

It was the first dress I saw and it fit perfectly so I stopped looking and I knew it was meant to be.” 

These girls prove that a prom dress can range from $80-$300. 

The higher the price does not always mean the better the quality.

Prom is traditionally intended for juniors and seniors, but it’s always something to look forward to in the near future for underclassmen.