May Loretto be Loretto forever


Carolina Pérez-Gonzalez and her invitee, Nora Lozano, are shown in the senior luncheon on April 6, 2022. This year the luncheon took place in downtown El Paso at the Paseo Del Norte Hotel. Photo courtesy of Carolina Perez.

Anabella Aguilar, Staff Reporter

The senior class of 2022 has definitely left a positive mark on everyone including students, teachers, and staff.

As the year begins to come to a close, traditions pile up and continue to make Loretto the unique school formed by a strong sisterhood.

This year there was a double whammy; the National Honor Society (NHS) induction and senior luncheon were on the same day!

A very recognized event that occurs every year is the Senior luncheon in which the Senior class plans a lunch with an alumnus of their choice. 

Loretto senior, Sofia Sapien said, “The senior alumni luncheon was amazing as we got to see and hear from many different Loretto alumni. 

Seeing what they’ve become inspires me and gives me the knowledge and courage to know that I am going in the right footsteps.

We started off with a salad and small bread rolls.

We were then served mashed potatoes stacked with veggies and a juicy chicken breast. 

For dessert, we enjoyed a delicious blueberry parfait with an amazing graham cracker crust.”

NHS inductions are when those who have the honor of being inducted have the chance to be recognized by the whole school in a beautiful ceremony.

Beginning with a current NHS member handing the inductees a rose and a diploma, all new inductees are required to pledge to follow the pillars of NHS while they light their candles.

The four NHS pillars include:

  1. Scholarship– The ability of a person to discover meaning in the world around them, this goal extends far beyond the grades that each student obtains in school.
  2. Leadership–  Proof that one is capable of leading themselves in order to be a leader to others.
  3. Service– Understanding that service builds character, it is a learning opportunity, and it truly helps make the world a better place, therefore providing satisfaction through volunteering.
  4. Character– The most fundamental attribute that a member of the National Honor Society possesses. Accepting responsibility when we fail is a sign of true character, and it paves the road for future achievement.NHS secretary, Carolina Pérez-Gonzalez, said, “Well for me seeing the NHS induction happen and having a family friend of mine who watched me grow up be my biggie at the luncheon was a moment of realization for me in the sense that I was growing, and graduation was a lot closer than I thought. It proved to me that even after several years pass, you will always be able to continue participating in Loretto traditions, despite your graduation year.

    Being an NHS officer was honestly such a great choice, I genuinely enjoyed it and it brought me closer to my classmates, and it helped bring me clarity on the fact that I do enjoy helping others, being a leader, and working as a team to help others in our community.

    Both of those things combined honestly made me feel nostalgic because now I’ve realized just how fast the year has passed, and how us seniors are getting ready to leave.”

    Although saying goodbye to the current senior class is heartbreaking, the Loretto community is sure that they have a bright future ahead of them, filled with success.