Say What?

Class Retreats: How was your experience? What did you think about it?

Mariajose Florido , Staff Reporter

Freshmen: Alana Garcia 

Alana Garcia

“The retreat was an amazing way to closen my relationship with God and my classmates. We shared fun moments that will resonate with me forever.”


Sophomore:  Rebecca Legarreta

Rebecca Legarreta

“My experience was a great way to meet my new classmates, and I enjoyed singing with everyone as well.”


Junior:  Isabel Garza

Isabel Garza

“My experience was that I felt the feeling of sisterhood, and I enjoyed being with everyone, and the confessions were also a special experience.”


Senior: Cinthia Castorena

Cinthia Castorena

“I really enjoyed it because I have been here 8 months. I loved bonding with my new peers.”


Teacher: Mr. Barrios

Mr. Barrios

“It was a very wonderful experience, especially when I saw so many of the students go to confession with the priest. The students also mentioned that the retreat was awesome, and that made me happy.”