Loretto Sports Banquet 2022/Recognition

Senior Mariah Martinez with Coach Joe Ramirez and Coach Montes. Martinez celebrated her last year as a Loretto Angel athlete.  Photo by Joy Martinez.

Senior Mariah Martinez with Coach Joe Ramirez and Coach Montes. Martinez celebrated her last year as a Loretto Angel athlete. Photo by Joy Martinez.

Anacamila Anaya, Staff Reporter

Starting off 2022 right with another Loretto tradition.

On January 10, 2022, the Loretto Sports Banquet was held.

The Loretto Sports Banquet was first held in 1996, and since then, it has become an annual tradition.

 Loretto celebrated the cross country and volleyball players. 

They served brisket, coleslaw, pasta salad, bread, and cake. 

During the dinner, they handed out the designated awards.

Varsity volleyball: 

  • Junior Stephanie Raney: won Angel Award
  • Junior Paula Lechuga: won Top Defensive Player
  • Junior Mia Quinones: won Top Offensive Player
  • Junior Regina Leyva: won The Playmaker Award

Junior varsity volleyball:

  • Sophomore Bella Herrera: won Most Improved
  • Sophomore Khylene Franco: won MVP
  • Sophomore Marian won Best Defense

Freshman volleyball: 

  • Brianna Farrish: won Best Defensive Player
  • Bella won: MVP
  • Melania Martinez: won the Setter Award

Cross country: 

  • Senior Mariah Martinez: won Most Valuable Runner
  • Senior Andrea Carranco: won Most Improved Runner
  • Freshman Mia Moreno: won Iron Angel Award

These girls have worked hard to get to where they are today. 

One girl who has been working extra hard since freshman year is Mariah Martinez. 

Martinez said, “With all my hard work and growth throughout the seasons, I was able to receive the ‘Most Valuable Runner’ Award this year. 

The team’s strength comes from the love and support that we have for each other.”

She then proceeded to talk about her hard work and dedication that led her to win multiple awards in her high school career at Loretto. 

Martinez said, “Winning is the ultimate goal.

 I challenge myself by always striving to do better, so I challenge myself by pushing myself to beat my fastest time.

 I define winning as beating my personal best time, even though I may not come in first place. 

It’s about challenging myself to maximize my potential. 

If I happen to pass a few people along the way, even better. 

I think it’s important to note that losing is just as important as winning because there are important lessons there too.” 

Martinez is very in touch with the Loretto community and believes that teamwork plays a huge role in sports.

Martinez said, “With teamwork, we push each other, challenge each other, regardless if we win or lose.

We push each other to do better and cheer each other on. 

Sometimes we talk each other out of giving up when we are tired or losing by a lot of points. 

Teamwork is about unconditional support and encouragement. 

Being on the same team over the past 4 years gives us a chance to bond while we play the sports that we love. 

There is nothing better than having fun with your Loretto sisters on the basketball court, the running field, and outside of the classroom.”

Martinez is a dedicated student who has great plans ahead of her. 

This Loretto sports banquet helps each player get together to celebrate each other’s hard work and dedication.