Fall festivities


After the COVID-19 pandemic, the seniors return to do their final pumpkin decorating. The winners were announced during the Halloween assembly.

Kianna Verdugo, Staff Reporter

As the weather grows colder and trees wither, the autumn air makes its way through Loretto Academy and the El Paso Community.

On October 19, Loretto Academy held their long-standing tradition of decorating pumpkins and competing amongst high school classifications.

Freshmen had the theme holidays, sophomores had Halloween, juniors had disco, and seniors had stages of life.

With a decorated backdrop from class presidents and homeroom representatives’ plan of action, each pumpkin was made to perfection.

Loretto senior Aurora Zepeda said, “It went extremely well and doing the trivia was fun to see everyone engaged.

After so much time of not being together and the pandemic, this showed that even through the darkness that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Shortly after pumpkin decorating, the Halloween Assembly was set into motion where the competition of pumpkins and classes would begin.

On October 29, teachers and students came dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween.

From Snow White to spies, students and staff showed their creativity as well as their Halloween spirit.

The Halloween Assembly coordinated by Leadership ended October with a bang.

A haunted house with eerie screams and jumpscares gave the students a horrible fright.

From toilet paper mummy charades to teacher Halloween impressions, students enjoyed a variety of activities.

With a performance from both Show Choir and Orchesis, this assembly was one to remember.

Loretto senior Paula Cardenas said, “Seeing everyone so impressed with the maze was very fulfilling after all the hard work we put in.

It was nice seeing the teachers engaged in the activities and the students.”

Loretto senior Laila Halloul said, “This was my first Halloween Assembly at Loretto Academy and it exceeded my expectations.

Leadership did a great job keeping everyone engaged.”

Outside of Loretto Academy, students were able to get into the fall season by attending the corn maze and more.

In El Paso, the yearly corn maze brought families and friends to both bring their own pumpkins and take part in activities.

The fall season brought both joy and festivities to begin Thanksgiving at Loretto.