Say what?

What has been your favorite part of going back to school and what has been your biggest challenge?

Mariajose Florido , Staff Reporter

Freshmen: Chloe Bonilla

“My favorite part of going back to school is being able to see my friends. My biggest challenge has been turning in work on time and dealing with drama.

Chloe Bonilla


Sophomore: Alessandra Villar

“My favorite part of coming back to school is seeing my friends and one of my biggest challenges has been geometry because of the transitions from online to in person.”

Alessandra Villar


Junior: Eloisa Urrea

“My favorite part has been seeing my friends, in-person learning motivates me to do my work and to stay focused. The most challenging has been waking up early every day.”

Eloisa Urrea


Senior: Sofia Rayos

“My favorite part about coming back to school has been seeing my friends every day and my biggest challenge is waking up to go to school every day.”

Sofia Rayos