Field day/ spirit week recap


High school classes compete against each other for another Field Day. Class of 2023 celebrating their first win at Field Day

Anacamila Anaya, Staff Reporter

One of the longest-standing traditions at Loretto Academy High school is Spirit Week/ Field Day.

This spirit week was theme-less unlike past years.

The points were distributed by which class participated more in dressing up.

Monday was “Man Crush Monday” where each girl got to dress up as men of their specific categories.

Freshmen were celebrities, sophomores were cowboys, juniors were frat boys, and seniors were Cathedral boys.

Juniors took the win with their frat boy looks.

Tuesday was twin day where the students got in pairs or groups and prepared matching outfits.

Seniors and juniors tied.

Wednesday was Jersey day, each class was assigned a different sports jersey to wear.

Seniors were baseball, juniors were soccer, sophomores were football, and freshmen were basketball.

Almost every senior participated, this making the seniors win jersey day.

Thursday was Royalty day where the students got to dress up as their given category.

Sophomores were ladies in waiting, seniors were queens, freshmen were princesses, and juniors were duchesses.

Seniors got together and decided to wear long dresses, this making them win royalty day.

The last day of Spirit Week was the day all the students had been waiting for, Field Day.

Field Day is all about showing class spirit and working together as a team to win.

Each grade from 9-12 wore their class colors and decorated posters to show spirit.

The girls from L.A.A, as well as Ms.Glover, worked really hard on making it an unforgettable field day.

The activities consisted of an inflatable obstacle course, wet-sponge challenge, tug of war, partner race, basketball, musical chairs, and overall cheers.

The activities followed up with a dance competition with class vs class and another with teachers vs teachers.

The seniors ended this field day with a dance they had been preparing for a month.

Extra points were taken by showing spirit with cheers and overall respect towards one another.

In fourth place were the freshmen, third place were the seniors, and second place were the sophomores.

The field day 2021 winners were the juniors!

The spirit week 2021 winners ended up being the seniors!

Spirit week comes to an end with many more in the near future.