What’s poppin? : coffee or tea?


Starbucks’ has a variety of choices. It will be the popular hot spot for Loretto Academy students for the foreseeable future .

Anacamila Anaya, Staff Reporter

Debate strikes at Loretto Academy of whether coffee or tea is superior.

Through a survey, Loretto girls shared their opinions on which drinks they preferred and where they get it from.

The responses of 52 girls showed that 63.5% chose coffee, 26.9% chose tea, and 9.6% chose other.

Out of nine options, more than half of the girls chose Starbucks as their “go-to” coffee/tea shop.

Loretto junior, Emilia Garcia, said “I prefer Starbucks because even though I don’t like coffee their teas never fail to delight me.”

Other girls agree that Starbucks never fails to disappoint them.

Loretto senior, Valentina Peraza, said “Starbucks coffee is so much better because of the variety it offers.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a darker coffee, but other times I just want a refresher.”

Starbucks seems to continue to be a favorite despite other local coffee places opening up.