Drama club presents…


The drama club crew take a bow as the audience applauds. The play was a huge success on both nights with an engaged audience that showed enthusiasm throughout the play.

Andrea Carranco

Lights, camera, action!

 Over the past couple of years, the Loretto Drama Club has been able to put theatrical pieces together for the community to enjoy.

They started the year off with a bang by presenting a one-act play, which captured the attention of many students, staff members, and families.

  The one-act play received a lot of attention because it was the first production that the drama club had presented since the beginning of the pandemic.

Drama club members were devastated when the pandemic hit because they weren’t able to continue producing memorable plays due to social distancing.

“It feels good to be back.

I was beyond devastated when the pandemic hit because we were in the middle of producing our spring musical, ‘Leader of the Pack’,  and we weren’t able to finish it,” said Danielle Leydon, president of the drama club.

The second play, The Odd Couple, was presented on November 11th  and November 12th in the Little Theater.

The Drama club welcomed many new actors for the production of this play including two seniors from Cathedral High School.

“The audience should expect a lot of drama and humor between the characters and how two people who are polar opposites could 

help each other heal,” said head of technology, Elisa Camacho.

Costume designer, Elizabeth Gunnison, provided a brief synopsis of the play.

  “The play takes place in Olive Madison’s messy apartment, where a group of friends frequently get together for a game night.

Olive’s sloppy lifestyle clashes with her roommate Florence, who insists on immaculate cleanliness,” said Elizabeth Gunnison.

The play featured senior thespians, Danielle Leydon, Luciana Molina, Mia Guerra, Anayansi Huerta, Laila Halloul, Maximiliano Garcia Del Rivera, Gael Bimsow, and sophomore Isela Iglesias.

Loretto can always count on their talented thespians to put on a memorable show that will bring lots of laughter, tears and applause to the Little Theater.