End of a Loretto era


Sister “Buffy” Boesen smiles brightly as her picture is taken outside of Loretto’s chapel. She will stay until after graduation in May 2022 to assist and guide the new president. Photo courtesy of Loretto Academy

Mia Badillo, Allyn Ransone and Orlyanka Tantchou, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On October 7th, Sister “Buffy” Boesen sent out an email to members of the Loretto community to announce her retirement as President of Loretto Academy. 

Her retirement comes as a shock to the Loretto community and leaves people wondering what the future of Loretto will encompass. 

Since becoming a Sister of Loretto in 1978, Sister Buffy remains dedicated to her faith and advocates for those in need.

She came to Loretto in 2000, expecting to serve as interim president for one year. 

Her stay was longer than expected, as she has now been President of Loretto Academy for 21 years.

Through her love for Loretto students and faculty, Sister Buffy embodies Loretto’s four core values of Faith, Community, Justice, and Respect.

What is something you are looking forward to after retirement?

“I am looking forward to a break for a bit and then working on whatever I am called to do next. 

I am committed to taking some time to find that out and not run to another position the day I retire.”

Will you stay involved in the Loretto community?

“I will always be there to advise or not advise my successor. 

I will not interfere with the operations of the school, but the Sisters of Loretto, I am a sister for life.”

How has the implementation of technology changed your daily life?

“Communication is so much faster. In terms of school, education has changed through the pandemic and we’re not using as much paper, which is a small environmental effort.”

What is your favorite Loretto tradition?

“All three graduations: elementary, middle, and high.”

Do you have a Loretto class ring?

“To make a long story short, I did have one but I gave it to a student who needed it.”

Will you return for the graduation of the 100th class?

“Yes, I’ll be there in the audience.”

What are the traits that you are looking for in a new president?

“I want the new president to understand the value of a Loretto education.”

What is the most important advice you would want the new president to know?

“Only take the job if you love it.”

What would you say is the first thing you would tell the new president to address?

“That’s up to them. Everybody is different. I feel like the first thing somebody says has to come from their heart.”

What is your greatest Loretto memory?

“Working with a talented and dedicated group of professionals. Loretto works because of the people who make Loretto up, not because of me.”

What is a contribution you’ve made to the school that you hope will live on?

“I hope my passion for increasing economic diversity lives on. I hope we are able to raise the funds for an elevator to have kids with different physical limitations enjoy a full academic life. I hope financial aid continues. I don’t want any kid to be deprived of a Loretto education because of money.

What do you want your legacy to be?

“A legacy of young men and women who understand that we work for justice and we act for peace because the Gospel calls us to, which encompasses our core values.”

Sister Buffy’s legacy will live on forever within the Loretto community. 

Whether it be her dedication to making Loretto accessible to everyone, or her strength to stand up for what she believes in.

For example, she marched across the United States in 1986 in The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. 

Sister Buffy should be an example to all of a Loretto woman. 

The Loretto community is grateful for her 21 years of service. 

Her vision and leadership will be missed.