Pink Day free dress

Mia Quinones, Staff Reporter

On Friday, October 22, at Loretto Academy, the Women Empowering Women (WEW) Club helped organize Pink Day to bring awareness to breast cancer and to support the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation. 

The sponsor of the WEW Club, Ms. Ray, took charge three weeks ahead of Pink Day to allow the club members to prepare. 

Preparation included club meetings, making posters, making sure the students had a dress code, and having pink bracelets to sell. 

The bracelets sold for five dollars and sold out on Thursday, the day before Pink Day. 

WEW sold around 21 dozen bracelets with the help of middle school principal Ms. Olivas and high school principal Mr. Silva. 

Middle school students, high school students, and parents bought bracelets to help raise money for the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation. 

One of the ways the foundation uses money is by buying gift cards for families in need so they can buy groceries, clothes, and necessities.